What is Responsive Design?

Responsive design; it means responsive web design. When a visitor enters your website, your website is sized according to the device entered. In other words, the device entered is the display of your website in a device-compatible interface as responsive. The word responsive is in our language; “compatible with all devices”.

How is Responsive Design Done?

Responsive designs are made using HTML and CSS codes. For a responsive website design, you need a web developer. S Plus Web , we design responsive websites. You can reach our service page here and contact us for detailed information.

What is responsive web design?
Responsive Design Example – Full Compatibility on Laptop -Desktop-Phone and Tablet

Why Responsive Design?

Today, almost 90 out of 100 internet users search the internet entirely through mobile devices. So no matter who or who your potential target audience is, your website should be compatible with absolutely all devices. Thanks to a website that is compatible with all devices, visitors will spend longer periods of time on your site and your site will gain value.

What are the Features of Responsive Design?

The most basic features of a responsive coded website are:

  • Provides full compatibility on Computer, Phone, Tablet devices regardless of operating system (android, ios, windows)
  • They open quickly thanks to optimized codes and benefit the user experience
  • On mobile devices, they offer visitors the ability to start phone calls, whatsapp messaging with one click
  • One of the most important criteria for search engines is that your website is responsive.

What are the Benefits of Responsive Design?

It is extremely important to have a web design that is compatible with all devices. What does a responsive website bring to you?

  • Search Engines Prioritize Your Website
  • Page speeds are high
  • Visitor experiences are high thanks to their user-friendly interfaces
  • Since the Visitor Experience is High, It Makes It Easy for You to Get a Place in Google Ranking
  • They Offer One-Click Contact to Your Potential Customers

The benefits of responsive design can be listed.

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