What is Google ADS?

Google ADS is the advertising service of the Google search engine. With Google Ads, you can drive paid traffic to your website. Google ads is one of the advertising channels that allows you to get many clicks and visits in a short time.

Stages of Advertising with Google ADS

What is google ads - S Plus Web
What is Google Ads?

S Plus Web , we are with you when it comes to Google Ads. With our knowledge and experience, we enable you to deliver optimized and high-performance ads. You can find our Google ADS consultancy steps below.


Based on your feedback, we do our research before advertising as in all our transactions. So what is involved in the research phase?

  • Sector Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Target Audience Analysis
  • User Searches Analysis

Planning and Development

We present the information we have obtained in the research step to you by turning it into a report. And then ?

Based on the reports obtained, we implement the following steps as quickly as possible.

  • Determining the Advertising Strategy
  • Making the necessary improvements to the website
  • Determining Creative Based on the Intention of the Target Audience to Search
  • Determining the Process of the Advertising Campaign
  • Determining the Budget of the Advertising Campaign


After taking actions in the planning and development phase, we optimize and publish the ads. At this stage, we share the panel that we will use with you and ensure that you see the advertising values instantly. We proceed with the principle of transparency throughout the advertising process.


S Plus Web , we report to you at the end of your Google advertising campaign and ensure that you see the values that your ad adds to you.

Would you like to reach your audience quickly with Google Ads?

If you want to advertise on google in a professional way, you can visit our service page. Google Ads Danışmanlığı 👈

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