What is E-commerce Consultancy?

E-Commerce consultancy summary. It is a service that aims to ensure that people prefer you on the platforms you sell and to increase visitor/sales performance. All of these transactions are called E-Commerce consultancy.

Who Should Get E-commerce Consultancy Service?

What is e-commerce consulting - S Plus Web
What is E-commerce Consultancy?
  • Those who want to start e-commerce from scratch
  • Those who are already engaged in e-commerce but want to increase their sales and visitors

What is in the content of E-commerce Consultancy ?

S Plus Web we provide support to you in our consultancy service regardless of the sector you want to sell online. The benefits we provide for those who are already selling and who want to enter e-commerce from scratch are basically as follows.

For Beginners :

There is a big pool of questions because there are so many options and competition for beginners. The most common questions we encounter are:

  • E-commerce site or marketplaces?
  • In which marketplace should I sell?
  • Which product should I sell?
  • I buy the product at x price, how much can I sell it for?
  • How much profit do I make after all expenses are deducted from the product?

and derivatives. Our primary goal as a team is to be able to answer these questions of our fellow travelers. For beginners, we support our clients 24/7 every step of the way from 0 to 1. Some of them are as follows.

  • Determination of the most appropriate sales channel or channels according to the sector and product
  • Financial issues (Accounting, Required Documents, etc.)
  • E-Commerce site design and setup
  • For those who want to sell in marketplaces
  • Product listing and opening for sale
  • Managing the entire after-sales process together

and in all other steps, we provide support to beginners at all steps.

For Those Who Already Have E-Commerce

Some of our sales and visitor increase activities for salespeople are:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Product Analysis
  • Price Analysis
  • Integration Consultancy
  • Editing Product Listings or product contents in accordance with SEO Rules
  • Campaign Management
  • Advertisement

and we provide support to those who are already selling in all the necessary steps to increase sales.

Consultancy Service Stages

S Plus Web, our stages in the Consultancy service we offer you are as follows:


As in every service we offer, our priority in our E-Commerce Consultancy service is to conduct market research. The basic steps of the research phase are as follows.

  • Sector analysis
  • Investigation of the brand/company that will receive service
  • Investigation of Markaya/Company products
  • Competitor analysis
  • Determining the platforms preferred by potential customers
  • Determination of the search volumes of the products
  • Reporting of identified issues


After the research phase, feedback is given to the brand/company management. After the feedback and the actions to be taken are approved, the development stages begin.

The development step consists of steps that must be carried out meticulously and continuously controlled. Here are the basic steps of the development phase.

  • Arrangement of Product Titles in accordance with SEO rules
  • Arrangement of product descriptions in accordance with SEO rules
  • Making user experience-oriented arrangements of product pages on e-commerce sites
  • Determining the cost/earnings ratio of the products offered for sale in detail:
    1. Product Purchase VAT (VAT from Product Purchase)
    2. Product Sales VAT ( VAT from Product Sales)
    3. Net VAT ( Net VAT payable )
    4. Marketplace Commissions
    5. Commission VAT ( Marketplace Commission VAT)
    6. Shipping Rates
    7. Shipping VAT ( Shipping Invoice VAT )
    8. Additional Costs (Cargo Package – E-Invoice Counter Fee)
  • As a result of all these expenses, the net Gain is calculated as a percentage (%) and TL value
  • Pricing of products at the desired profit margin after calculations
  • Deciding whether or not to include products in buybox
  • Listing of products in line with the approval from the brand/company
  • Follow-up of the listing phase and opening the approved products for sale
  • Determining and activating the most affordable cargo company according to cargo rates
  • Development of cargo operation process
  • Designing the appropriate thank you card for the marketplaces and forwarding it to the Brand / Company

Campaign Management

The importance of regular campaigns in ensuring that your potential customers prefer you cannot be overlooked.

S Plus Web we regularly manage campaigns to keep your profit margin as high as possible on the platforms where you do E-Commerce.

Benefits of regular campaign management for your brand / company:

  • Enables you to generate new sales by offering affordable products to old customers
  • Increases your store visits and allows you to reach new potential customers
  • Increases your sales by selling to new customers
  • The most important benefit gained with regular campaigns is to ensure that your customers wait for the next campaign period.

S Plus Web , we have managed to increase the sales of our customers up to 10 times with regular campaign management, especially on the Trenyol Platform.


Advertising is one of the indispensable building blocks of the E-Commerce sector as in every sector. S Plus Web

To our companions who receive our Consultancy Service:

  • Google ADS
  • Social Media Ads ( Facebook-Instagram )
  • Trendyol Consultancy
  • Hepsiburada Consultancy
  • N11 Consultancy

We support you.


It is obvious that it is not healthy to make the e-commerce sector through a single channel. In case of duplication of the sales channel, product listing, stock control, order control, etc. we know that workloads are increasing. In line with minimizing the increasing workload, as S Plus Web , we do not neglect to provide support to our fellow travelers in terms of integration.

Do you want to achieve success by entering the e-commerce sector without losing time?

Profesyonel ve alanında uzman ekibimiz ile kendi web siteniz veya pazaryerleri platformlarında hızlıca satışa başlayarak ilk satışınızı en kısa sürede yapmak için hizmet sayfamızı inceleyebilir veya bizimle ileşime geçebilirsiniz. E-Commerce Consultancy👈

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