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E-Commerce Consultancy summary. It is a service that aims to ensure that people prefer you on the platforms you sell and to increase visitor/sales performance. All of these transactions are called E-Commerce Consultancy

  • Those who want to start e-commerce from scratch
  • Those who are already doing e-commerce but want to increase their sales and visitors

E-commerce consultants are people who are professionalized in their field who can offer a brand first-hand information and advice about e-commerce. According to the terms of the agreement, these people can manage the work completely or partially for you.

Why should you hire an Ecommerce consultant? The advantages of seeking counseling instead of a full-time employee outweigh the disadvantages.

  • First of all, you will not have expenses such as taxes, insurance, food, etc.
  • Since the person or organizations you receive consultancy are a company, you can show the consultancy cost as an expense.
  • You minimize the mistakes that can be made in the e-commerce sector and the criminal sanctions that these mistakes can bring to you
  • Most importantly, you will reach the status of being able to sell directly in a professional way without dealing with the learning and research process.

E-Commerce Consultancy prices vary according to the needs and wishes of the brand. While some e-commerce projects are short-term, others may require long-term work. If you wish, you can easily find out our offer for your project through the offer form. Get Offer