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Social media advertising is the entire advertising of brands by promoting their products and services through social media platforms. Social media ads, delivering their products to users on the internet is frequently preferred by brands and companies.

Social media platforms, brands advertising on the platform; they offer the chance to turn users registered on the platform into potential customers.

In other words, to summarize, every social media platform actually has a very large target customer base.

It’s quick and easy to reach potential customers or your target audience with social media ads. Today, 9 out of 10 people use social media platforms and spend a serious amount of time.

You can easily reach these large masses by advertising on social media platforms. This proves the importance of social media advertising.

Social media platforms are frequently preferred by brands due to the rapidly growing number of users every day and the fact that advertising costs are more affordable than other digital advertising platforms. Thanks to social media ads, very large audiences can be easily reached.

Each organization complying with the Corporate Tax and Income Tax statute;

It can bill the ads it has appeared as a corporate through social media and show expenses. 
This billing service will not be VAT rate because the plaform received is sourced from abroad. However, the overall amount can be shown as an expense. 

To summarize; Your ad spend is deducted from the corporate or income tax you pay when you show your ad spend as an expense.

Social Media Advertising prices after evaluating your requests; According to the project requirements, the advertising budget is determined as the proposal and service fee. If you wish, you can easily find out our offer for your project through the offer form. Get Offer