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Google ADS is the advertising service of the Google search engine. With Google Ads, you can drive paid traffic to your website. Google ads is one of the advertising channels that allows you to get many clicks and visits in a short time

Google Adwords, new name Google Ads; is a text-based advertising model. Google Adwords is one of the most used models for advertising. The ad that will be served with Google Adwords usually consists of lines that you will use within certain limits: “Interesting headline”, “Description line”, and “site domain name”.

With Google Adwords, you pay when people who see your ad click on it, not when your ad is shown by the advertiser. In the Google Adwords model, this fee depends on the competition for the keywords you want your ad to show. You have to pay more for your Google Adwords ad to stand out from the competitors and show in the front rows. In short, it’s like a kind of auction system.

S Plus Web , we are with you when it comes to Google Ads. With our knowledge and experience, we enable you to deliver optimized and high-performance ads. You can find our Google ADS consultancy steps below.

  • Research
  • Planning and Development
  • Application
  • Reporting

Google Ads consulting prices after evaluating your requests; are determined according to the project requirements. If you wish, you can easily find out our offer for your project through the offer form. Get Offer